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Emergency telecommunicators are crucial to an emergency response.  After completing this course, you should have a good understanding of public safety radio communication systems in South Carolina, interoperability methods, and the pivotal role the emergency telecommunicator plays in interoperable communications. 

This course covers the basics of radio communication, different methods of radio connectivity, and radio communication best practices.  After completing this module, you should have a better understanding of radio system operation and limitations. 

This course defines interoperability, explores its importance and covers the methods and options available to achieve communications interoperability.  After completing this training, you should have a better understanding of what communications interoperability is; why it is essential; and the interoperability methods and options available to responders.

It is crucial that public safety responders have a good understanding of mutual aid channels and talkgroups in order to promote interoperable communications.  After completing this module, the responder should have a better understanding of mutual aid communications; state and national mutual aid talkgroups and channels; and communications resources available to responders in South Carolina.